Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Pumpkins

     This picture is two pumpkins with nice shadows that I drew with charcoal. I had a few goals for this drawing and I'm happy that I made it to those goals. My goals were to try to make a cool affect with the shadows and shading with the pumpkins. I even wanted to try to make the shadow as realistic as I could. I accomplished this by finally getting the shading right for some of the shadow areas. I also got to lock in my shadows so I could shade them correctly.

       My drawing was about having dramatic shadows, making my pumpkins realistic, and having nice texture on my pumpkins too. By doing this I had some challenges I had to face. Some of those challenges included making the white parts look right, blending the darkness with the light, and locking in the shadow. The shadowing was the most challenging because the shadow changed a lot so I had to make sure I could get it right. The good thing is that I accomplished these challenges by keep going back and fixing the shadow to make sure it looked nice. I also overcame the light part my using chalk to make the white parts for the lights really white. By doing this I think my drawing really worked on the sides of the picture and on top of the pumpkins. I also think the white parts turned out great.

         While doing this I have learned how to trap my shadows before it moves again and how to put my shadows into the drawing. Speaking about learning I have also learned some things from my classmate Emma and my teacher Mr. Gaudreau. Emma taught me how to blend curtain things and Mr. G taught me how to trap my shadow.

           Lastly if I had a do-over for my drawing I would change the size of my pumpkin and make it a little bigger than it is right now. I would also try to make the stem more realistic. Although even if I had a do over I would still keep the sides of the picture the same. I feel the best about that and the light looking down the pumpkins. Over All I'm happy how this turned out and I can't wait for the next drawing.

Into the Darkness

       This challenge was to take pictures with cool lights with shadows and to see what kind of cool affects the darkness could make. I actually had a great time doing this too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Obsessions In Life!!!!!!!!!

Number 1 
Hoodies!!!!! Yes hoodies, all my life I have been obsess
with hoodies. I just love wearing them and that's why my
favorite season is fall.
Also this is only SIXTEEN hoodies out of hundreds so
yes I have so many . 

Number 2 
My Favorite band of all time is TWENTYONE PILOTS
and this is my second obsession. I'm in love with their music. 

This is only very little of my band merch of theirs.
I have many more shirts and yes I put shirts on my stuff animals.
*If you know the band I made the pug represent as Josh (drummer)
and the penguin as Tyler (Singer) 

Number 3 
Speaking about bands, I'm obsess with bands. I have so
many band shirts and posters. If  anyone ask what my
clothes tell people about me, I would say I likes bands
and music. 

Number 4
That's right HotTopic ,to me it's the best store on earth! This
is were I get all my band things. No joke this is the only
time I would get out of the house is to go to here since I
really don't like going to public places.

Here is what part of the store looks like so people if you
need band things go here. No joke I spend so much
money in this store. I even order online so much too.

Number 5
Finally my last obsession is music. This isn't a shocker
for people who know me very well but music
is my life. I'm always listen to music where ever
I go. Here is some of my favorite bands above that I love
to listen to. They are Twentyone Pilots, My Chemical Romance,
Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, and
Fall Out Boy. I don't only listen to bands I listen to pop songs
too and many more different kinds of music.  

     This has been me talking about my obsessions in my life. I hope you enjoyed knowing more about me. It has been fun making this and I can't wait to do more. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alive Drawing

In this drawling my goals and intentions were to get the shadows in the right place and make the shading really nice. I did that by using certain drawling pencils for certain shadows. My drawling was about dramatic shadows. The most difficult challenge I had was making the edges pop for some of the letters. I accomplished this challenge by making the edges a little darker and blend it in with the rest. My drawing looks really cool at the top left hand corner and the letter "A". Some things I have learned for my next drawing is that which pencil I should use for what shade, how to make my edges pop, and  blending for the corners. My mentor was Wolf  Kahn for this because he blends lots of things together and so i learned somewhat how to do that from him. Another artist I learned from is Emma Kropkowski she really made her letters pop and look so good. If i had a do-over of this drawing I would add a cool in there to make another cool shadow. The best thing i like about my drawing is the Edges of the paper because I feel like it gives it texture or life. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

What My Family Means To Me

This is my parents and I love them very much. My mother is named Karen
and my father is named Bruce.  I love the car rides with my mom because
that's were we can be our silly selves. I also love going out on errands with my dad to
the grocery store.  
Since I'm the only child I consider my puppy my brother.
The best thing about having a brother as a dog is that I can
vent to him and I don't have to hear him complain about it. 

This is one of best friends Hailey when ever I'm down
I go straight to her and she makes me laugh and smile.
We always stick together at school and as Hailey says
"We are like glue we stick together if its good or bad." The
best part is that she has food in her locker and lucky me
she lets me eat the food for lunch or even after school when we take
our walks. 

This is Madison she is also one of my best friends.
We have the best facetime calls and we even
have cereal together at 12 am. I even take her to school
and we have the most random conversations ever.  Madison
even says I bring out her inner child since we tag each other
with Spongebob things.
And finally this is Riley or as I say RiRi (best friend as well) . She is my neighbor in my Ct.
and her home is pretty much my home as well. I'm always at her house
and sometimes I feel like I live there. We even go on vacation
every year together. We have so much fun  we go on
adventurers, walk to 7 eleven, Pokemon Go, make forts, and
just be ourselves. We have so many inside jokes and we laugh about anything.

      Over all I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have these people or pet in my life. My friends are like my sisters because of how close we are to each other. They are the reason I'm glad to wake up every morning and go to school. They are the reason I stay my happy little self. I truly love them so much. For my family at home I love them as well. We have great times and Zack (puppy) always makes us laugh or puts a smile on our faces. I am so thankful for the people I have in my life.