Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To Go

   In this drawing I had some goals to get to. Some of those goals were to to get the shadow correct and the lighting. I also wanted to get the shape of the take out box right. I did this by keep shading certain areas darker than others and in other areas lighter. When I did this I was surprised how well it turned out. 

    The most difficult thing for this was to make the chop sticks look like chopsticks and shading them. I accompished this by focusing on how the chopsticks and the light was for the shading. For the shape I eye balled how they wee tilted and how thick they were. Although my drawing really worked were the shadows are. 

     While doing this I have l learned some new things but if i had a do-over I would change some things. I would change the way the chopsticks are and change the shadow of it too. I would also try to make some of the white parts more white. Over all I feel like the best part about my drawing is the big shadow of the to go box.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Into the darkness

 While I was making this drawing I had some intentions and some surprises about my work. Some of my intentions were to really get it to look like the picture that it was based on. I also wanted to make the drawing seem mysterious when people look at it. Some of the surprises while doing this was how well some parts turned out. I loved how white the white parts were. I tried really hard to make it really white and I was surprised how well it looked at the end.  Another surprise was the shading of the wall. In my opinion it turned out great. Although if I had a re-do I would change the texture of the floor. I would try to make the floor better with the texture and not focus so much on the shading. Over all I feel like my drawings turned out ok and I’m happy with the result.