Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alive Drawing

In this drawling my goals and intentions were to get the shadows in the right place and make the shading really nice. I did that by using certain drawling pencils for certain shadows. My drawling was about dramatic shadows. The most difficult challenge I had was making the edges pop for some of the letters. I accomplished this challenge by making the edges a little darker and blend it in with the rest. My drawing looks really cool at the top left hand corner and the letter "A". Some things I have learned for my next drawing is that which pencil I should use for what shade, how to make my edges pop, and  blending for the corners. My mentor was Wolf  Kahn for this because he blends lots of things together and so i learned somewhat how to do that from him. Another artist I learned from is Emma Kropkowski she really made her letters pop and look so good. If i had a do-over of this drawing I would add a cool in there to make another cool shadow. The best thing i like about my drawing is the Edges of the paper because I feel like it gives it texture or life. 

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