Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Pumpkins

     This picture is two pumpkins with nice shadows that I drew with charcoal. I had a few goals for this drawing and I'm happy that I made it to those goals. My goals were to try to make a cool affect with the shadows and shading with the pumpkins. I even wanted to try to make the shadow as realistic as I could. I accomplished this by finally getting the shading right for some of the shadow areas. I also got to lock in my shadows so I could shade them correctly.

       My drawing was about having dramatic shadows, making my pumpkins realistic, and having nice texture on my pumpkins too. By doing this I had some challenges I had to face. Some of those challenges included making the white parts look right, blending the darkness with the light, and locking in the shadow. The shadowing was the most challenging because the shadow changed a lot so I had to make sure I could get it right. The good thing is that I accomplished these challenges by keep going back and fixing the shadow to make sure it looked nice. I also overcame the light part my using chalk to make the white parts for the lights really white. By doing this I think my drawing really worked on the sides of the picture and on top of the pumpkins. I also think the white parts turned out great.

         While doing this I have learned how to trap my shadows before it moves again and how to put my shadows into the drawing. Speaking about learning I have also learned some things from my classmate Emma and my teacher Mr. Gaudreau. Emma taught me how to blend curtain things and Mr. G taught me how to trap my shadow.

           Lastly if I had a do-over for my drawing I would change the size of my pumpkin and make it a little bigger than it is right now. I would also try to make the stem more realistic. Although even if I had a do over I would still keep the sides of the picture the same. I feel the best about that and the light looking down the pumpkins. Over All I'm happy how this turned out and I can't wait for the next drawing.


  1. This is really cool I love the shadows reflecting off of the pumpkins.

  2. I really like how you used the bright white shadow to contrast the dark one.